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Grace Hopper Celebration 2014
Excited - thanks, UTD CS department!

Grace Hopper Celebration 2014

Excited - thanks, UTD CS department!

I want to get another monitor. In theory, it is so I could have a second monitor in in both my bedroom and the cave (the extra bedroom where I have my desk set up), but I know I’ll eventually make it into a single three-monitor battle station. Then I’ll want that in all the rooms. And a subwoofer in each room. Then where will it end? I should just wait and get a studio apartment.

furreal tho, if you haven't used Lyft yet... »

Even if you’re not going to use it anytime soon or ever. Because just by signing up, I get a free ride. This is more about me than it is about you. Except it’s $25 for the both of us, so it’s just as much about me as it is about you.

What I’m getting at here is: use Lyft.

(I totally should have done this earlier because I used it 5 times this past weekend and all the rides were under $25 YOU GUYS I FUCKED UP OKAY?)

PPS totally have an Uber referral as well if that’s more your style. nicolemon. Go figure.

I take lightning-fast vacations. Two and a half days’ damage:

  • 25 beers
  • 2 whiskeys
  • 1 vodka

Lyft drivers in Austin, you’re doing god’s work.

You know how I know my government professor is good? I think I’ll actually vote this November. Actual learning - was not expecting that this summer.